Music at Junction 50

Here is a letter from the organiser of Music at Junction 50.

Nikolsky Ensemble.

Thursday 3rd October 2019
Concert starts : 7pm
Tickets : £10 inc refreshments
Sue Brown
Tel: 01765 640398
Colin Reid
Tel: 07770 620897 / 01765 640624
or collect at Smithy Farmshop

The origin of the name “Nikolsky” comes from St. Nicholas male monastery choir (in Russian [Nikolsky muzhskoy monastir]). They hire professional musicians to decorate the service. Most of us met while working there.
St. Nicholas of Myra is the patron saint of travelers. Being touring musicians we do a lot of traveling. Russian adjective “Nikolsky” also includes meaning of being under patronage of St. Nicholas.

We sing a cappella. Our voices are the only instruments we use!
As a rule, the first part of our concert is devoted to Russian Orthodox Church music written by our famous classical composers since 17th century. In the second part we sing Russian folk and secular songs.
In spite of the fact that our audience cannot always understand Russian, the beauty of melodies helps to overcome language barrier. People often recognize Rachmaninov “Hail Mary” from Vespers, world-known “Volga Boatmen”, “Kalinka”, etc… Our performance displays a range of emotions and zooms-in the “Russian Soul”.