Lych-gate repairs.

Before the repairs started.

Well done Dan Ranson and his team. Well done Terry Potter!

Music at Junction 50

Here is a letter from the organiser of Music at Junction 50.

Nikolsky Ensemble.

Thursday 3rd October 2019
Concert starts : 7pm
Tickets : £10 inc refreshments
Sue Brown
Tel: 01765 640398
Colin Reid
Tel: 07770 620897 / 01765 640624
or collect at Smithy Farmshop

The origin of the name “Nikolsky” comes from St. Nicholas male monastery choir (in Russian [Nikolsky muzhskoy monastir]). They hire professional musicians to decorate the service. Most of us met while working there.
St. Nicholas of Myra is the patron saint of travelers. Being touring musicians we do a lot of traveling. Russian adjective “Nikolsky” also includes meaning of being under patronage of St. Nicholas.

We sing a cappella. Our voices are the only instruments we use!
As a rule, the first part of our concert is devoted to Russian Orthodox Church music written by our famous classical composers since 17th century. In the second part we sing Russian folk and secular songs.
In spite of the fact that our audience cannot always understand Russian, the beauty of melodies helps to overcome language barrier. People often recognize Rachmaninov “Hail Mary” from Vespers, world-known “Volga Boatmen”, “Kalinka”, etc… Our performance displays a range of emotions and zooms-in the “Russian Soul”.

A History of Clocks.

26th October at Baldersby St James Church, a talk on all things clock and barometers. The talk starts at 7pm.

A most interesting and informative evening in the company of Robert Place a local Professional Horologist, giving a talk on the fascinating world of clocks and barometers.

Informal questions and answers with practical experience, how to date through changes in fashion, manufacturing and modernisation over the centuries. You may bring in any item of clocks, barometers, musical boxes etc or photographs.

Tickets £6 on the door inc. refreshments

Book Sale

Our Annual Bumper Book Sale is going ahead on Sat 7th and Sun 8th September 2019. As this is our main fund raising event at St James we would be grateful for donations of any books which can be left at the back of church, it is open everyday.

We are looking for volunteers please to assist with setting out the books on Thursday 5th and clearing up afterwards from 4pm on the 8th.


Sunday 15th April             Easter 3

12 noon        Northallerton Town Hall


No services in local churches

From 12 noon onwards all the churches in the area will gather for a big picnic, looking beyond our church walls to pray and worship together with Archbishop Sentamu, and share stories of faith and God’s call in our lives.. Please bring a friend and some food.


We hope you will take the opportunity to attend the events and meet the Archbishop.

The only event which requires prior notification that you wish to attend is the Saturday evening “Supper with Sentamu” event at Romanby Golf Club.

The event is in aid of Farming Community Network and will involve a two course meal and a talk by the Archbishop. Tickets are £25 and can be obtained from Roger Bennett (01609 882107 or or Peter Gardner (01609 882801 or

Archbishops’ Joint Pastoral Letter

Independent Inquiry on Child Sexual Abuse: Archbishop’s letter

The Archbishops of York and Canterbury have written a joint Pastoral Letter for wide circulation following the end of the hearing which took place over the last three weeks as part of the Independent Inquiry on Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA).

“We are writing to you to ask for your prayers as Holy Week begins and as the Independent Inquiry on Child Sexual Abuse has finished its hearing into matters in the Diocese of Chichester. Please will you pray this Holy Week especially for all those involved, and for all affected by safeguarding issues.”

Archbishops Sentamu and Justin hope that their letter can either be read out or distributed in churches this weekend and at the start of Holy Week.

“We take very seriously all that has been heard by the Inquiry. Archbishop Justin said when he gave evidence last week that he had learned again through listening and reading the evidence given to the Inquiry, that we must not simply say sorry, but that we must also take action that demonstrates clearly that we have learnt the lessons. It is a fact that Bishops and Archbishops are now rightly required to listen, learn and act in accordance with safeguarding legislation and good practice.”

Red Nose Day.

The pupils from Baldersby St James school had a treat on Friday March 24th. (Red nose day).

Behind them you can see a jet engine.

They are looking at an Armstrong Siddeley Adder jet engine made in 1948. It was not flown in, but was being transported by David Potter who made a small diversion into the school.
For those who would like to know more:
The Adder, a pure-jet derivative of the Armstrong Siddeley Mamba ASM3 airscrew gas-turbine, was originally developed as an expendable engine to power the Jindivik 1 target drone. The engine, first run in November 1948, was then developed into a longer-life engine before evolving into the more-powerful Armstrong Siddeley Viper.
The ASA.1 Adder was flight tested in the rear-turret position of the Avro Lancaster III SW342, the aircraft also having been previously modified and used for icing trials of the Mamba by Armstrong Siddeley’s Flight Test Department at Bitteswell.